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Organize your random draw. An animation resembling the WHEEL OF FORTUNE determines the winner(s). You can export or share the result. We leave nothing to chance for your utmost satisfaction!

Handicap draw

Give some participants a better chance during your DRAW! Create up to 5 pots with different EXIT PROBABILITIES. Test the result of your settings on 10,000 draws before launching your official draw. Export, share, and first draw proof are of course available.

List Randomizer

Use our LIST RANDOMIZER to randomly sort a list of participants, establishing start orders for a competition or privileges based on this randomly created ranking. In just one click, your list is shuffled and ready for export to a spreadsheet. Proof of first draw is readily available.


Form Teams

Easily create BALANCED TEAMS BY RANDOM DRAW. Chance can be controlled based on the level of experience of the participants or to create mixed teams. You can create up to 10 starting pots to better distribute the participants. Sharing, exporting the result are available as well as a unique draw proof.

Create Groups

RANDOM GROUP GENERATION from various criteria. A comprehensive group creation algorithm, options include: Pots for homogeneous groups! Spreading members of the same family into different groups! Assigning certain participants to certain groups!


Tournament generator

Quickly set up the various rounds of your SINGLE-ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT! Add top-seeded players who will face off in the later stages. Update scores until the finals. Export your results in spreadsheet, text, or HTML formats, or share your tournament schedule and results online.

Manage a Championship

CREATE A CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE! Updating of results and refreshing of standings is of course available. In addition to online sharing, you can export the schedule and standings of your championship to a spreadsheet or in HTML format. Depending on your choices, the schedule can plan home and away matches.


Random Number Generator

Generate one or more random numbers, set the minimum and maximum limits, and the number of expected results. Sort the results or leave the output order random. Export to a spreadsheet or text file.

Key generator

Generate one or multiple random keys, set the key format and the number of expected results. Export to a spreadsheet or a text file, a C# file, a PHP file, a JavaScript file