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Generate a schedule with double encounters (home and away matches)
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Competition management - schedule - scores - standings

Software for your championship

Our algorithm allows you to build the entire set of championship matches.

In a championship, all teams meet!

  • You can set up a championship with single round matches or with home and away matches.,
  • The team that appears first is the hosting team..
  • By creating an account, it is possible to enter results and update the standings..
  • The schedule and standings of the championship can be exported to a spreadsheet..

Manage a Championship

4.1/5 ( 12)

CREATE A CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE! Updating of results and refreshing of standings is of course available. In addition to online sharing, you can export the schedule and standings of your championship to a spreadsheet or in HTML format. Depending on your choices, the schedule can plan home and away matches.

Championship Options

  • Single Round or Home and Away,
  • Generates the complete schedule,
  • Random choice to determine the host,
  • Standings available,
  • Competition management and sports scheduling  :  championship management, online score posting
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript