Form Teams

Random Team Generator

Let chance form teams from one or more pots containing the names of the participants. Mixed teams, boys/girls, levels of experience, ages of the participants…

  • Use multiple pots to distribute participants of different levels fairly.
  • Or for mixed groups, create a pot for the girls and a pot for the boys.

More options with our multi-criteria algorithm.

Form your teams

Pots are used to manage participants of different levels
Separate participants by commas or line breaks. You can also copy and paste from a spreadsheet.
There are missing participants to start the draw!There are too many participants to start the draw!Check the number of winners!
  • 4.2/5 (18)

Build Teams - Random Algorithm - Group Creation

Easily Create "Random Teams"

The draw is done in the order of the pots. Within each pot, the participants are randomly mixed, this to avoid bias.

Random Order

  • We mix the participants of each pot, being at the end of a pot list does not guarantee being in a stronger or weaker team,
  • However, for the teams to be balanced, it is your responsibility to have in each pot a multiple of the number of teams. Simple example, to form 10 mixed teams, you need 10 boys and 10 girls or 20 girls and 10 boys or 20 boys and 10 girls….

Form Teams

4.2/5 ( 18)

Easily create BALANCED TEAMS BY RANDOM DRAW. Chance can be controlled based on the level of experience of the participants or to create mixed teams. You can create up to 10 starting pots to better distribute the participants. Sharing, exporting the result are available as well as a unique draw proof.

Random Draw Options

  • Duplicate verification across all pots,
  • Teams and pots are numbered, if you wish to name them sign up on the site. (coming soon),
  • Easily form mixed duos boys / girls,
  • A multicriteria version allows more precise control of chance,
  • Randomly Create Groups of People  :  Form Teams, form couples, form groups
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript