From a File

Random Drawing

Random drawing from a CSV, TSV, or TXT file. Your list can include several million participants, and you can obtain a certificate of integrity in PDF format.

Easily ensure GDPR compliance from a CSV or TSV file by filtering and anonymizing your data directly through our form! Only the selected columns with their filtering options are sent to the server.

Définissez une colonne de votre CSV pour augmenter les chances de gains, par exemple : les participants ayant coché une option verront leur chance multipliée par 2.

Create Your Random Draw from a File

Your file
TXT file, one participant per lineCSV or TSV file, one participant per line, you can use up to 3 columns.
For free draws, the file is processed in your browser, no data is transmitted.
Accepted formats: TXT, CSV, TSV.Traiter rapidement les fichiers de plusieurs millions de lignes.
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Number of lines:
Number of columns:
First line:
Second line:
Penultimate line:
Last line:
Specify up to 3 columns.

Vous pouvez choisir une colonne pour multiplier les chances, par exemple le fait d’avoir cocher une optin.

Impact de vos réglages

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Random Draw Application, Randomizer Generator

What Happens to Your File?

For Free Draws

Your file stays on your computer, it is not sent to our server, ensuring your data remains strictly confidential!

For Paid Draws

For CSV or TSV files: You can select up to three columns of your spreadsheet.
Only these columns will be transmitted to the server, allowing you to precisely choose the data you send.
The data from this text file is retained for 30 days
The winners’ data is kept until you request its deletion.

Which File Format?

  • TXT file, one participant per line
  • CSV or TSV file, one participant per line, you can use up to 3 columns.

From a File

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Conduct reliable and secure random draws from a CSV, TSV, or TXT file. Control the data submitted for complete compliance.

Recommendations for Paid Draws

  • We guarantee the confidentiality of your file, it is automatically deleted after 30 days.,
  • We also offer to anonymize the winners once the draw is completed, be aware, the content of your file cannot be anonymized after being sent to the server.,
  • La durée de conservation du fichier des participants est de 30 jours à partir de la date de publication.,
  • tas5Droite_4_LI,
  • Random draw, Wheel of names Spin algorithm  :  Random Drawing from a File
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript