List Randomizer

Shuffle your list

Easily generate a random sort, for example to define a starting order in a competition.

  • For total randomness, use a single pot.
  • If you wish the shuffle to be generated by age class, create several pots!
  • You can create up to 10 distinct pots, participants from pot "A" will start first, then those from pot "B", then from pot "C"...

Random shuffling of your list

Pots are used to manage participants of different levels
Pot A
Separate participants by commas or line breaks. You can also copy and paste from a spreadsheet.
There are missing participants to start the draw!There are too many participants to start the draw!Check the number of winners!
  • 4.5/5 (8)

Random Draw Application, Randomizer Generator

Let chance sort your list

The shuffling of a list is simplified by our algorithm, in one click your list is shuffled

Random order

  • The draw within the pots is totally random,
  • We use the improved "Fisher-Yates" algorithm for this draw, to avoid the bias that can be introduced by classic random sorting algorithms.

List Randomizer

4.5/5 ( 8)

Use our LIST RANDOMIZER to randomly sort a list of participants, establishing start orders for a competition or privileges based on this randomly created ranking. In just one click, your list is shuffled and ready for export to a spreadsheet. Proof of first draw is readily available.

Define starting positions

  • Random sorting software,
  • Give privileges, assign bib numbers,
  • Random start time,
  • Shuffling of a list,
  • Random draw, Wheel of names Spin algorithm  :  random sort/order, random ranking
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript