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Créez votre ROUE DE LA CHANCE et désignez le gagnant ! Retirez ou non le gagnant et relancez la roue. Partagez le lien vers votre roue !

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Wheel of names app, selecting a winner

Stunning animation

The wheel of names animation is available for up to 40 participants. Only one winner can be drawn at a time!

Why a maximum of 40 Participants for a single winner?

  • We offer various animations for random draws. With too many participants, the animation becomes less effective, hence the limit of 50.,
  • For more than 40 participants, please refer to our homepage for a side-view Wheel of names animation..

Wheel of names

5/5 ( 1)

Create your WHEEL OF NAMES! A game-show-like spinner will select the winner. Adjust the spinning strength as you like!

Features of the Wheel of names App

  • Share your result,
  • Set the wheel’s spinning strength,
  • Redo the draw by removing the previous winner,
  • We add duplicates to the wheel if there are fewer than 5 participants.,
  • Random draw, Wheel of names Spin algorithm  :  Online wheel of names
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript