Key generator

Choose the key format and the number of results. Export your keys as code snippets in C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.

Key format
authorized characters: '0' 'f' 'F' 'z' 'Z' '?' '-'
'0' ➔ number from 0 to 9
'f' or 'F' ➔ hexadecimal number from 0 to f or from 0 to F
'z' or 'Z' ➔ number or letter
'-' : block separator
The number is too small!The number is too large!
  • 5/5 (4)

Random key generator

Generate keys

The application generates random keys in your desired format.

Key format

  • Keys are randomly generated with numbers and letters.,
  • Keys can consist of multiple blocks separated by hyphens..

Key generator

5/5 ( 4)

Generate one or multiple random keys, set the key format and the number of expected results. Export to a spreadsheet or a text file, a C# file, a PHP file, a JavaScript file

Settings - Specify the

  • Exportable to a spreadsheet,
  • Export in C#, PHP, JavaScript, JSON formats,
  • Use your public or private keys,
  • Set the number of expected keys,
  • Random draw, Wheel of names Spin algorithm  :  Random key generator
  • Requires HTML5 and JavaScript